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As we grow older, it can be challenging to find like-minded individuals for dating and companionship. Fortunately, online dating platforms like DateMyAge.com exist to connect seniors with potential partners worldwide. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at DateMyAge.com, exploring its features, pricing, and user experience.

1. Introduction

DateMyAge.com is a niche dating site designed for singles aged 45 and over who are looking for meaningful relationships. Launched in 1993, it is a part of the AnastasiaDate family of dating sites that cater to different demographics. DateMyAge.com has a global membership base and is available in multiple languages.

2. Sign-up Process and Profile Creation

The sign-up process for DateMyAge.com is simple and straightforward. New members can create an account using their email address or Facebook account. The platform requires users to provide basic personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, and location. Once the registration is complete, users are prompted to create their profile and add photos. DateMyAge.com has an extensive profile section that asks users to describe their interests, hobbies, and preferences in detail. A complete and detailed profile is essential for finding compatible matches on the site.

3. User Interface and Design

The user interface of DateMyAge com is user-friendly and intuitive. The site has a clean and modern design, making it easy to navigate. Users can access all the features and tools from the main dashboard. The search function is straightforward and enables users to filter potential matches based on their preferences. The site is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to use on the go.


4. Features and Tools

DateMyAge.com offers a range of features and tools to help users connect with potential partners. Some of the key features include:

Advanced search filters: Users can search for matches based on criteria such as age range, location, interests, and relationship goals.

Live chat: DateMyAge.com offers a live chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time.

Video chat: Users can use the video chat feature to have face-to-face conversations with potential matches.

Gifts and flowers: Users can send virtual gifts and real flowers to express their interest and affection.

Mobile app: DateMyAge.com has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

5. Safety and Security

DateMyAge.com takes the safety and security of its users seriously. The platform employs advanced security measures to protect user data and prevent fraud. All user profiles and photos are manually verified to ensure they are genuine. The site also offers a reporting system that enables users to report suspicious activity or behavior.

6. Pricing and Membership Options

DateMyAge.com offers both free and paid membership options. The free membership allows users to create a profile, browse the site, and send virtual gifts. However, to access all the features and tools, users need to upgrade to a paid membership. The pricing for the membership plans is as follows:

1 month: $15.99 per month

3 months: $10.99 per month

6 months: $8.99 per month

Pros and Cons

Like any Online Dating platform, DateMyAge.com has its pros and cons. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using this dating site:


Large user base: DateMyAge.com has a large user base of single men and women from all over the world. This means you have a better chance of finding someone who is a good match for you.

Easy to use: The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Advanced search options: DateMyAge.com offers advanced search options that allow you to filter your matches based on your preferences, making it easier to find someone who meets your criteria.

Safe and secure: The website takes safety and security seriously, and they have implemented measures to protect users from fraud and scams.

Live chat and video calls: DateMyAge.com offers live chat and video call options, which can help you get to know someone better before meeting in person.


Membership fees: To access all the features on DateMyAge.com, you need to pay for a membership. This can be a barrier for some people who are not willing to pay for a dating site.

Limited free features: While you can create a profile and browse matches for free, many of the advanced features require a paid membership.

Scammers and fake profiles: Like any online dating site, DateMyAge.com has its fair share of scammers and fake profiles. It is important to be cautious and vigilant when using any online dating platform.

Limited interaction: If you are looking for a more interactive and social dating experience, DateMyAge.com may not be the best option. The site focuses more on finding matches based on compatibility and personal preferences rather than socializing and community building.

Limited success rate: While DateMyAge.com has a large user base, success rates may vary depending on your location, preferences, and other factors. It is important to manage your expectations and understand that finding a compatible partner takes time and effort.


DateMyAge.com offers a unique and efficient platform for singles over 40 to find meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. The website is easy to use, offers a variety of communication features, and has a large user base from all over the world. The premium membership options provide additional benefits and increase the chances of finding a compatible partner.

However, the website also has some drawbacks, such as the lack of a mobile app, the limited free membership options, and the possibility of encountering fake profiles. Despite these issues, DateMyAge.com is still a reliable and effective dating site for mature singles.

Overall, we recommend DateMyAge.com to anyone over the age of 40 who is looking for a serious relationship or companionship. The website offers a safe and welcoming environment for singles to connect and explore their romantic options. With the right approach and an open mind, users can find long-lasting relationships and meaningful connections on this platform.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I enjoy dating online for free joining this dating site?

Yes you can, provided that you are supported by paid members.

Do I need to provide my real information on this dating site?

However, you may hide your real information, but it is advised that you should provide your real information in order to grab better reach.

Which is the best option – free or paid membership?

Of course, paid membership is a great option as it leads you for unveiling premium dating features.

Can I find singles of my choice for dating online?

Yes, datemyage dating site is devoted to singles. Whether you are looking for men or women for dating online, you can easily find out plenty of singles on the internet.

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Cancelled my subscription

Cancelled my subscription, tried to contact to complain as still taking my money, £2.99 a day and its coming out even though I have no use of my account, not replying to any messages on the chat or messaging service and no direct number to get hold of any one, absolute scam

Don't lie to people

This site advertises itself as a free dating website. You can then make upgrades with to see more features. This is false advertising. You can do absolutely nothing but make a profile for free. If you are going to make a pay only service then make it a pay only service. Don’t lie to people to get their information.

Not the type of dating site for me

Not the type of dating site for me. The one person I was interested in wasn’t even on this site. No one came close to what I was looking for. I signed up for one month and they kept me on and charged me for another month. Scam like service to me when they do that. They just go ahead and take your money without your consent if you do not unsubscribe. That’s where they get you!!!!

The site is unattractive

The site is unattractive and not very intuitive. The men I found interesting never answered or could not commit to a phone meeting. I think that a lot of the profiles are fake. Don’t waste your money. I have had more luck and more dates on free sites.

Their customer service is dreadful

Sounded too good to be true, and now I know it is. Height is important to me, no one shorter than 5’8″ please – got lots of enquiries from men just over 5 ft. Matches must be close to me, i. E. within 15 miles – had matches from Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight – I’m near Brighton. Their customer service is dreadful, just a load of excuses. Be warned – don; t sign up.

So not worth the money

I’ve been on this site for about five months now. With few exceptions, all of the “men” I’ve met on this platform have misrepresented themselves. Most ask me to leave the platform so we can communicate by email/text. Many say that they’re reaching out on behalf of a friend, boss, etc. I’ve not had any dialogue to speak of and no in-person meetings. So not worth the money.


BEWARE!! This is a complete rip off. They automatically renew and charge your credit card without even sending g a reminder email. Do not be taken in by them.

Don't waste your time.

Don’t waste your time. This site is offering up singles that do not even live close to me. This morning I got a match that lived 366 miles away. Most of the matches that how up are in states next to mine. I cancelled.

Please stay away

This is one of the most useless site defrauding people. Immediately you signed up you will start receiving messages upon messages and you will be told that you can’t view the messages till you make payment., but once you make the payment, the messages will stop coming and you won’t even get a reply from the people sending you messages. This site is fake and they are only after your money. Please stay away for your own good.

Worst dating site

Worst dating site I’ve ever. Prey on vulnerability, spam you to subscribe Min 3 mths, outrageous cost No site phone or email, 3 day cooling off is hidden, then 1 message no refund Not paid in anyway even if all the matching questions and multiple matches make you think otherwise.

Another greedy scam site

Another greedy scam site that puts fake likes up so you have to pay to match them and guess what when you do they either don’t respond or dissapear… Should be reported to trading standards for fraud.

They didn't get back

I joined this site and initially had no issues. If you like a girl and they like you it’s a Match and the girl has to make the first move. Sounds sensible! The problem is you run out of people rather quickly so of course you delete your payment details so they won’t renew….. until they renew and take another payment. I’ve repeatedly written to their “customer service” only to be told by an automated message that their bees are very busy and will get back to me. They didn’t get back to me, closed my query and still haven’t replied to the subsequent query. I’m waiting a month now for a reply.


If you are seriously looking for someone to “Run Forest Run” from this dating site! All the negative things I’ve written before are true; mystery how the government has not closed this page? Do I compare it to the Nigerian “Barrister” scam who want money?

Not interested in this site

Men I’ve met online only want one thing. It’s money or sex. It’s sad, but I’m not interested in this site anymore. Thank you.

I am glad I rejoined

I hope this will be the one I grow old with… I am glad I rejoined this website for three weeks.He is a kind, thoughtful &, smart man. He is open, honest, and we have a great deal in common.


My experience with your site was a pleasure

It is absolute garbage

It is absolute garbage as a dating site.


Beware ! Looks good, however just another money grabbing heist.

Site is a rippoff

Site is a rippoff…closed my account for no reason and stole my money….this site is horrible!


STAY AWAY. Preserve your emotions for something else.

Datemyage.com pricing is ridiculous

Datemyage.com pricing is ridiculous and no refunds? The trademark of cads with something to hide.

Do not waste your time on Datemyage.com.

Do not waste your time on Datemyage.com. You will receive interest signals every 5 minutes from people who don’t even exist in your area. Datemyage.com sends them to you to make money. If you request your ad to be removed from the system, they refuse to. Customer service constantly lies to you on the phone. The service is a scam!

Datemyage.com dating site is a waste of time

Datemyage.com dating site is a waste of time and money and that’s all this company wants… everything is extra. I found all the people that viewed me was the same kinda guy in a different town… most of them not close.

I will not recommend Datemyage.com to anyone!

I will not recommend Datemyage.com to anyone! It’s ridiculous that an app has so many problems and wants members to pay for a subscription that they can’t happily enjoy.

Datemyage.com has been the worst site

Datemyage.com has been the worst site I have ever been on! I have never experience so many problems and loops in my life!

Met an amazing woman on Datemyage

I went on Datemyage.com as a last step in the dating pool and met an amazing woman on here. We started dating and we were married on June 20, 2020. I want to thank you for bringing me my soul mate and best friend.

Thank you Datemyage.com!

I highly recommend it for those looking for a serious relationship because you can weed out the people who aren’t a match just by chatting. Good luck to all and I wish you the happiness I have found.. Thank you Datemyage.com!

I liked Datemyage.com

Datemyage.com is a dating site that worked out well for me. I used the service for 3 months and met several ladies who I like and are still dating today. I liked how the website worked.

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