Love Poems For Lovers

Love poems for lovers, literature, romantic movies or songs are inseparable elements of the life of people who have feelings for someone. The state of being in love is a beautiful moment that makes us feel “butterflies in our stomachs”, it is hard for us to focus on anything, because we are still thinking about a loved one, and we see the world through rose-colored glasses. Great love and happy relationships that we see in movies or books, contrary to appearances, are not fiction and certainly each of us would like to experience such a feeling.

Love has always accompanied us, at every step. She was an inspiration for many artists, poets and writers, and thanks to her, many timeless, unique, beautiful texts and numerous love poems for lovers were written. As we all know well, love is not always fulfilled and reciprocated. For this reason, many songs about great feeling are sad and have stories of broken hearts behind them. Fortunately, there are also those telling about happy relationships and those inspired by deep, mutual love.

Short Poems About Love – The Most Beautiful Love Quotes

A love poem is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a romantic atmosphere and words that best and most beautifully convey our feelings towards the other person. Love is the most grateful topic, which, in addition, will never expire or lose its power – we love it forever and it is unlikely to change. It is also one of the strongest feelings in the world and it is no wonder that many artists pay tribute to him in their work.

Short and longer poems about love are also great support for anyone who has felt the power of this feeling, but is not able to express their emotions in words. Relationships with a loved one or a loved one are not always easy and obvious – often, before we take the first step, we are not sure where we stand and whether the other person also has some warm feelings towards us. So how do we communicate to her what’s in our heart in a romantic way? A love poem or popular, romantic quotes can help. Discover some interesting items that we have prepared for you!

Poem For Lovers

“Moon dust to be on your feet, the wind by your ribbon, milk in your cup, a cigarette in your mouth, a path among cornflowers, a bench where you rest, a book you read.” To sew you through like a thread, to surround you like a space, to be the seasons of the year for your dear eyes and a fire in the fireplace and a roof that protects you from rain. ”. This short poem about the love of Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński is a beautiful confession of not only love, but also a desire to be with another person. It is an excellent expression of feelings, especially for those in love who currently cannot be close to each other.

Bolesław Leśmian – a Poem For Lovers

 “I do not promise you much … Because almost nothing … Spring green at most … And clear days … At most a smile on your face … And a hand in need … I do not promise you much … because just myself. ”. Bolesław Leśmian knew that a short poem about love would be enough to perfectly FlirtWith express the meaning of this feeling. In this piece, you can clearly see the essence of love – the most important thing we can give a loved one is ourselves, our presence and the feeling we have for our partner.

Love Poems For Lovers Amolatina Frauds.. 2022

Georg Eliot for Lovers

“How wonderful it is to feel safe with a person where you neither weigh your thoughts nor measure words, but pour them out exactly as they are, without separating the seed from the weeds, knowing that a friendly hand will sort them out, keep what valuable, and the rest will be blown away by a gust of nice wind. ” The love poem by Georg Eliot perfectly reflects what the feeling of connecting two soul mates is – security, the confidence of the other person and the fact that you can be yourself without fear. With true love, you don’t have to worry not to say something stupid, and you don’t have to be afraid to judge. Isn’t that beautiful?

Kazimierz Przerwa Tetmajer – A Poem for Lovers

“Talk to me again … I have missed such a conversation for years … Every sweet word of yours in my heart causes chills – talk to me again … Talk to me again … People do not hear us, they drink your words strangely and they sway like a flower, I caress my every word. Talk to me more…”. Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer knew how to write a love poem that would perfectly describe what so many people in love feel. A conversation with a loved one, especially after a time of separation, is something that can give us wings and be like honey on the heart.

Julian Tuwim – A Poem For Lovers

“Love forgives you, sorrow turns you into laughter. Love so beautifully explains betrayal and lies and sin. Even if you curse her in despair that she is cruel and evil. Love will forgive you everything because love, my beloved is me. When you love as much as I do, so fondly, so fervently, you know it to the end, to the madness, to the bottom. Then cheat on me and sin. ”. Probably nothing explains the feeling of being in love so beautifully than this short poem about Julian Tuwim’s love. This wonderful feeling can overcome anything.

A Love Poem by Julian Tuwim

“You keep me on the ground, You lift me to heaven, You are everything here for me, what I need to go there for. I only know about you. And I can only know you. At the world I waved my hand: I won’t understand anything anyway! Every step is a new way, what you think is a boiling abyss. You alone answer, speaking or silent. I listen to your blood, beating in your white breast, and I abide with a wrong love in this life, full of death. ”. Julian Tuwim proves once again that a short poem about love can bluntly describe the depth of this feeling and what most lovers think: the person they love is the whole world to them, and everything else seems to be just a triviality.

Leopold Staff – love Poems for Lovers

“When I reluctantly seek your heart’s fragrance in your mouth, I would like to crush you in my embrace, enclose you like a bird in my hand. And I squeeze your sweetest body dreaming that I, drunk with happiness with the drink, could cover you all, all, with one single kiss. ”. Leopold Staff proves that a love rhyme does not have to be long to perfectly express the power of love. Because who – when in love – would not like to have the other half as close to himself as possible?

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska – a Love Poem for Lovers

“Thy mouth: pink ocean, gaze: choppy wave. And your broad shoulders: a rescue harness … ”. This short poem about the love of Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska is an ideal proposition for women who want to tell their loved one how much it means to them and how safe they feel in his arms.

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Poems for Lovers – When is it Worth Reaching for Them?

Love Poems for Lovers are a great support for everyone who has reached Cupid’s arrow, and their thoughts revolve mainly around their loved one. In such situations, it’s difficult to make a meaningful sentence, let alone express your feelings in a romantic, sophisticated way. Most often, love-themed songs contain exactly what we think about and describe our emotions in a nice way, which we sometimes cannot put very well on ourselves.

When is it worth using short poems about love, and even these longer forms? The best occasion – but not the only one – is of course Valentine’s Day. Feast of lovers, when you want to confess your feelings to your other half, or to confess your feelings to someone who has been in your heart for a long time, romantic poems are a bull’s eye. They are also ideal for all relationship and wedding anniversaries, and even as a good morning or good night message for a loved one. After all, every moment is good to tell someone “I love you.”

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