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DilMil.co is a leading matchmaking app for South Asian singles looking to find their perfect match. With a growing user base and unique features, DilMil.co is changing the way people meet and fall in love. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about DilMil co, from its history to its features, and why it is the go-to app for South Asian singles worldwide.

1. Introduction to DilMil.co

DilMil.co is a matchmaking app that caters to South Asian singles. The app is designed to help people find their ideal partner by matching them based on their preferences and interests. DilMil.co offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive search algorithm that makes finding the right match quick and easy.

2. History of DilMil.co

DilMil.co was founded in 2014 by KJ Dhaliwal and Sukhmeet Toor. The app was created to solve the unique challenges faced by South Asian singles who were looking for love but found it difficult to meet like-minded people. Since its launch, DilMil.co has become one of the most popular matchmaking apps in the South Asian community, with over 1 million users worldwide.

3. How DilMil.co Works

DilMil.co uses a unique algorithm to match users based on their preferences and interests. Users can create a profile that includes their age, location, education, and occupation, as well as their interests and hobbies. The app then uses this information to find compatible matches in the user's area.

Once a match is made, users can communicate with each other through the app's messaging feature. DilMil co also offers a premium subscription service that provides users with additional features such as unlimited swipes and the ability to see who has liked their profile.

4. Key Features of DilMil.co

DilMil.co offers a range of features designed to make the matchmaking process simple and enjoyable. Here are some of the app's key features:

Comprehensive search algorithm: DilMil.co's search algorithm takes into account a user's preferences, interests, and location to find compatible matches quickly and easily.

Swipe feature: Users can swipe left or right to indicate their interest in a potential match.

Messaging feature: Once a match is made, users can communicate with each other through the app's messaging feature.

Premium subscription service: DilMil.co offers a premium subscription service that provides users with additional features such as unlimited swipes and the ability to see who has liked their profile.

5. Safety and Security on DilMil.co

DilMil.co takes the safety and security of its users seriously. The app requires users to verify their phone number and email address before they can create a profile. DilMil.co also uses SSL encryption to protect users' personal and financial information.

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6. DilMil.co Membership and Payment Options

DilMil.co offers a free membership option that allows users to create a profile and use the basic features of the app. The app also offers a premium subscription service that provides users with additional features such as unlimited swipes and the ability to see who has liked their profile. The subscription prices range from $29.99 to $249.99, depending on the length of the subscription.

DilMil.co is an online Dating App that has gained immense popularity over the years. One of the main reasons for its success is the numerous success stories shared by its users. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the success stories of DilMil.co.

1. Amrinder and Amandeep

Amrinder and Amandeep met through DilMil.co and hit it off right away. They were both looking for someone who shared their values and beliefs, and DilMil.co helped them find each other. They started talking and soon realized they had a lot in common. After a few weeks of chatting, they decided to meet in person. The chemistry was undeniable, and they started dating soon after. Today, Amrinder and Amandeep are happily married and grateful for DilMil.co for bringing them together.

2. Aditi and Rahul

Aditi and Rahul were both skeptical about online dating before they joined DilMil.co. However, they both decided to give it a try and see what happens. They matched on DilMil.co and started chatting. They quickly realized that they had a lot in common and decided to meet in person. The first date went well, and they continued to see each other. After a few months of dating, they knew that they had found something special. They got engaged soon after and are now planning their wedding.

3. Simran and Karan

Simran and Karan had both been on DilMil.co for a while before they matched with each other. They had both been on a few dates through the app, but none of them had worked out. However, when they matched with each other, they felt an instant connection. They started chatting and soon realized. That they had a lot in common. They decided to meet in person, and the date went better than they expected. They continued to see each other and fell in love. Today, Simran and Karan are happily engaged and planning their future together.

4. Pooja and Rohit

Pooja and Rohit had both been on DilMil.co for a while before they matched with each other. They started chatting, and the conversation flowed easily. They decided to meet in person, and. The chemistry was instant. They continued to date and soon realized. That they had found something special. They got married a year later and are now happily settled in their life together.

5. Manpreet and Jaskaran

Manpreet and Jaskaran met through DilMil.co and quickly realized. That they had a lot in common. They started dating and soon realized. That they had found their soulmate. They got engaged soon after and are now planning their wedding. They credit DilMil.co for helping them find each other and bringing them together.


These success stories show that DilMil.co is not just another dating app, but a platform where people can find meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships. It has helped numerous people find their soulmates, and these success stories are just a few examples of its success. If you're looking for love, give DilMil.co a try – you never know who you might meet!


  • Business NameDilMil.co
  • Email IDsupport@DilMil.co
  • Websitehttps://dilmil co/
  • Address695 5th St APT 10, San Francisco, United States,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DilMil.co and what does it offer?

DilMil.co is an online dating platform that focuses on connecting individuals from South Asian communities for meaningful relationships, companionship, and potentially finding life partners. The platform aims to provide a space where people can connect based on cultural values and shared interests.

How do I create an account on DilMil.co?

Creating an account on DilMil.co is a straightforward process. Visit the website and click on the "Sign Up" or "Join Now" button. You'll be prompted to provide basic information such as your name, email address, and chosen password.

What communication features are available on DilMil.co?

DilMil.co offers communication features that allow users to interact with potential matches. These may include sending messages, exchanging photos, and using the platform's chat system for real-time conversations.

Is DilMil.co exclusively for individuals from South Asian communities?

Yes, DilMil.co is designed specifically for individuals from South Asian communities who are seeking meaningful relationships and connections. The platform aims to connect users who share cultural values and backgrounds.

How does profile verification work on DilMil.co?

DilMil.co employs profile verification processes to enhance the authenticity of user accounts. This may involve verifying email addresses and implementing security measures to prevent fake accounts.

Can I access DilMil.co on my mobile device?

Yes, DilMil.co offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides a convenient way to access the platform's features, communicate with matches, and manage your account on the go.

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  • Dil Mil app is good for nothing. Didn’t get a single match in a year and the swipes are very limited. I’ve used other apps and have gotten way better response. Also found same people on other apps and got matched. Didn’t find any reason to keep this app.

  • Dil Mil is Terrible app. The maximum distance you can set is 50km and most of the time it shows there is no one. If I set my distance to 50km+, then I see profiles from all over the world, completely pointless. A female friend of mine who uses the app showed me that she could look for profiles that are close by easily. Don’t know why it’s different for guys? Have also sent multiple e-mails through support, but haven’t gotten any response yet. All-in-all easily the worst dating app that I’ve used so far.

  • Spent money for one month of premium and got no matches. That’s fine but what is not ok is the the fact that the “like” list keeps repeating the same profiles to trick you into thinking it is longer than it actually is. I also got a “like” the very day my premium subscription ran out. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • Fake fake fake…. I am premium member.. But the algorithm is written in a way that you don’t get single like in 3 months. And I have sent hundreds likes and hundreds messages. It’s all coded to show same profiles again n again. Same people are always online. And you will never see local profiles. BIG SCAM. STAY AWAY.

  • Dil Mil app is just like playing the lottery. You get your Hopes up thinking you might win something, even it’s just your $2.00 back and nothing. Let’s not even mention when you buy a $20.00 lottery scratch off ticket and win nothing. I’ll just have fun with it until my subscription is up! What else can I do? The best way to meet someone is in the real world like human beings were meant to do in the first place!

  • There are a lot of ppl on this site, better than most. But we also pay one of the highest premiums. I don’t think it’s right to have to purchase coins to do many things! Because of this, if things don’t work out with him, I’ll look at other sites.

  • There seem to be a lot of crazy and scammers on this site. Too bad we wasted time and money on this.

  • I know you might say just do not use them but if no one complains then they just go on and scam more people. So if my review save one person from paying this company then I am happy. The CEO of this company is a billionaire now and laughing all the way to the bank. The system is rigged

  • This app is an absolute scam. I’m not a bad looking guy and I have had success on other apps like tinder… over the past month I have had about 12 matches and 6 conversations started. All 6 of which were initiated with a gif or a simple “hi”. Most of those initiations didn’t respond to my first message and a day or two later showed as “deleted user” in my inbox. There are no real women on this app. Or if there is… they are not active. I spent $20 on spotlights and got an extra 3 likes which did not turn into matches. Just stay away and don’t waste your money.

  • It was rated well so I tried it out. Only ever had one date off the app in three years. It’s full of fake profiles and is a scam to get premium payment.

  • If you sign up but don’t go as far as paying they send you fake messages in the hope you pay the joining fee to see it. I’ve had 3 messages, which are blurred out, that look exactly the same and then they mysteriously disappear after a few days, unlike the ones that are genuine.

  • This dating site is terrible in all levels. It’s hard to understand to use and you are very limited to talk or search anyone. There is no matches for me in my area (200km) distance and that covers four cities. 80% of the people have no photo and when I request a photo no response or/and I don’t know if anyone received my messages cause it doesn’t tell me and I paid extra $$$for better service. This is a scam dating site. Use your money on other sites. They offer only the opposite my match request, for example, age difference was way way off and language which I cannot speak. I tried many times to report this but no help was done. Still continuing.

  • I signed for 3 months and can’t wait to end. I get at least a dozen “smiles” a day which I believe are computer generated as I have followed up and received zero communication from the originator. On a daily basis, I receive at least two messages that a user has found the love of her life but her friend wants me to contact her via email or phone. Believe me, they are scammers trying to get your number and/or email address to take over your account, email, bank account, etc.

  • I’ve been on this site a few weeks. It wasn’t bad at first. But now, I’ve been finding the site is sending out flirts on my behalf without my knowledge. I don’t know what’s going on. Has my page been hacked? Makes no sense. I’ve never seen photos of these people, and they are getting messages I “liked” them, then they respond to me. I have to tell them, I never “liked” their photo. To make things worse, you can’t contact this company direct.

  • They use other more attractive people and scam people by catfishing. Dishonesty and liars are making this the worst for sure for fraud. Don’t have a thing to do with them. They are greedy and have no customer service to speak of. Pathetic!!!!

  • My review is I want to cancel my subscription and then rant that I just got taking to the bank by some hoe who convinced me to register for 2 dollars and charged me 50 dollars and I still have access to nothing lol dating sites.are.not for guys Ike me

  • I barely get to see pictures, either it doesn’t load or I only see tons of people without pictures. Sometimes I have to close and open the app multiple times in order to even get into my messages. It says it’s for people 30 and over, it’s more like 50 and over. What a complete waste of money! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!