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Zoosk.com is a leading online dating platform that connects millions of singles worldwide. Since its launch in 2007, Zoosk has grown to become one of the most popular dating sites, with over 40 million members in over 80 countries. This article provides a comprehensive review of Zoosk.com, including its features, pricing, and security measures.


Zoosk.com offers a wide range of features that help singles find their perfect match. Some of the key features include:

Behavioral matchmaking

Zoosk's unique algorithm analyzes users' behavior to provide more accurate matches. The more users interact with the platform, the more the algorithm learns about their preferences and interests.

Smart Pick

Smart Pick is Zoosk's feature that uses the Behavioral Matchmaking engine to identify and suggest compatible matches. Users can swipe through these matches and like or dislike them.

Advanced search options

Users can use Zoosk's advanced search filters to find matches based on location, age, interests, and other factors.

Communication options

Zoosk offers a range of communication options, including messaging, sending virtual gifts, and using Zoosks Coins to boost visibility.

Photo verification

Zoosk uses photo verification to ensure that members are who they say they are. Users can submit a video selfie that matches their profile picture, which is then reviewed by Zoosk's moderators.


Zoosk offers both free and paid membership options. While basic membership is free, it only provides limited access to features. Zoosk's paid membership options include:


Free Membership

Zoosk.com offers a free membership option that allows users to create a profile, browse other profiles, and send virtual "winks" to other members to show interest. However, free members have limited access to features and communication tools.

Premium Membership

For users who want to access all the features and communication tools, Zoosk.com offers a premium membership option. The cost of a premium membership varies depending on the length of the subscription. Here are the pricing options for Zoosk.com:

1-month subscription: $29.99

3-month subscription: $59.99 ($20.00 per month)

6-month subscription: $74.99 ($12.50 per month)

12-month subscription: $149.88 ($12.49 per month)


With a premium membership, Zoosk.com users gain access to a wide range of features, including:

Unlimited messaging: Premium members can send and receive unlimited messages with other members.

Advanced search: Premium members can use advanced search filters to find matches based on specific criteria, such as age, location, interests, and more.

SmartPick™: This feature uses Zoosk's Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology to suggest matches based on a user's preferences and behavior on the site.

Boost: This feature puts a user's profile at the top of search results and suggests it to more potential matches for maximum exposure.

Payment Methods

Zoosk.com accepts a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, and mobile phone payments.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Zoosk.com offers a hassle-free cancellation policy. Premium members can cancel their subscription at any time by going to their account settings and following the cancellation instructions. However, Zoosk.com does not offer refunds for unused portions of a subscription.

Premium membership

Premium membership includes access to all of Zoosk's features, including SmartPick, advanced search options, and communication features. The cost of a premium membership varies depending on the subscription length.

Zoosk Coins

Coins are a virtual currency that users can use to purchase Boosts, which increase visibility on the platform, and Virtual Gifts, which can be sent to other members. Zoosk can be purchased in various amounts.

Safety and security

Zoosk.com takes the safety and security of its members seriously. The platform uses encryption technology to protect users' personal and financial information. In addition, Zoosk's moderators review all profile pictures and video selfies to ensure that members are who they say they are.


Overall, Zoosk.com is a feature-rich and user-friendly Online Dating platform that offers a range of options for singles looking to find a compatible partner. With its unique Behavioral Matchmaking engine, advanced search options, and various communication features, Zoosk.com is an excellent option for anyone looking to join the online dating world. Additionally, with its focus on safety and security, users can feel confident in their online interactions.

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  • Business NameZoosk.com
  • Mobile Number+1-888-939-6675
  • Email IDsupport@Zoosk.com
  • Websitehttps://www.zoosk com
  • Address989 Market Street, San Francisco CA, 94103, US

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoosk.com and what does it offer?

Zoosk.com is a popular online dating platform that aims to connect individuals looking for meaningful relationships. The platform utilizes a behavioral matchmaking technology to provide personalized matches based on user preferences and interactions.

How do I create an account on Zoosk.com?

Creating an account on Zoosk.com is a simple process. Visit the website and click on the "Sign Up" or "Join Now" button. You'll be prompted to provide basic information such as your name, email address, and preferred password.

What communication features are available on Zoosk.com?

Zoosk.com offers a range of communication tools to help users connect with potential matches. These include sending messages, virtual gifts, and using the "Carousel" feature to quickly browse and match with profiles.

Is Zoosk.com suitable for individuals seeking serious relationships?

Yes, Zoosk.com caters to individuals seeking various types of relationships, including serious partnerships. The platform's diverse user base allows users to specify their preferences and intentions in their profiles.

How does the behavioral matchmaking technology work on Zoosk.com?

Zoosk.com's behavioral matchmaking technology learns from user interactions and preferences. As users engage with profiles and interact on the platform, the technology adjusts match suggestions based on these behaviors to provide more accurate and compatible matches.

Can I access Zoosk.com on my mobile device?

Yes, Zoosk.com offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides a convenient way to access the platform's features, communicate with matches, and manage your account on the go.

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  • Zoosk is By Far the worst dating site! I get probably 15 fake Likes for every legitimate Like! When I finally did have someone from Zoosk text me back, they told me they weren’t aware of any fake accounts on their site! That’s all it is! Fake or inactive accounts!

  • It’s a phony company with very few genuine profiles but a lot of bogus charges and tricks to string you along. I joined Zoosk and I just threw my money away. I didn’t meet any real woman there but quite a few scammers. I should have not ventured out this way! If you check the fine print, you will see that they consider it your own fault if you are scammed by their fake profiles, they are not responsible for anything. Don’t waste your time with Zoosk and don’t put your money at risk!

  • This is the second time I’ve joined the Zoosk site although I have been contacted a few times on this site I find most profiles of women to be fake inaccurate and I get tired of getting messages saying that these women want to meet me I message them and I get nothing back or they say no I did not message you sorry/ This site does not have a good rating with consumer affairs I don’t believe it to be entirely legitimate. Entertaining yes but also annoying at the same time I don’t think online dating is the way to go there’s nothing better than the old way meet somebody face to face and if you hit it off ask them for a date I will not be re subscribing into the site

  • I think it’s a scam, it’s like they have all these pics that you go thru, but nobody on the other side of the pics,

  • Scammers, simple as that. My experience was most of the profiles was fake. The website itself blocked me because i complained.

  • I feel the site was disingenuous in their companions; the type of interest people supposedly had turned out to be inauthentic based on the lack of follow-up these women “allegedly” indicated. I feel that pictures are being used to give a false sense of hope to men, and misleading in the interest that women have in them. The lack of responses made this abundantly clear.

  • DO NOT USE ZOOSK! – The below opinions are mine and formed from personal experience and may not reflect the experience of the average Zoosk user. Zoosk promises to show single people in your area for your promise to pay money. They failed me and I feel defrauded of my purchase.

  • I am certain they send a lot of bot profiles fake profiles your way to keep you keen in the hope you will extend your membership. Reason I say bots is I have found the profile pics on other dating sites and they NEVER reply to messages. I have had zero success meeting anyone and their technology is flawed. The online section is not accurate and it throws up the same profiles over and over again for being online. The updates are not accurate either. You can get an email stating someone viewed you then click on VIEWS and nothing comes up. Most females just view and move on (super picky). I think there are better dating sites and I will not be renewing membership.

  • I’m glad I dropped all dating apps that I tried out! With their deceiving ways! Lying! Saying u can respond back free! Then when I did! I felt tricked!- when I found out No it’s Not free at all! U can’t even respond back!- without paying something! And it’s Not worth it!- So I’ll never waste my time like that ever again! Beware! Stay away!

  • I have tried this Dating site too!- along with a few others!+ They all was Nothing but a waste of my time! Believe me there are No free Dating sites that’s 100 percent! There will always be a catch to it!- if they say anything is free! Try it for free!- it’s all a lie! They want u to pay for it from the Start! So don’t believe them if they say that! I know! So good luck with that! I’m done with them! I don’t recommend!

  • This site feeds you, people who appeal to your selection, once you communicate with them on a free messaging basis, you lose contact, then you pay and their profile is no longer found. This has happened a number of times, I initially gave it just a fluke chance, but it has happened more than once, in addition, I have given my preference and repeatedly my box is filled with those outside of my preference. I have more than just an inkling this is the method of which they work. They should not be allowed to charge for their services because it is never up to par. Basically they sucker you in then charge you and want to keep charging you annually if you don’t cancel, it’s a gimmick.

  • Site is full of fake profiles. Many fake likes and conversations. You can tell the conversation isn’t real. Answers given either don’t make sense or are intentionally vague and provide zero depth and go nowhere. If you are discerning about your potential match, I would avoid this site. Not saying there isn’t romance to be had on there, but it’s not even close to the way commercials represent this site.