“Men are looking for pretty, caring, kind, smart (but not too much), balance not use to objecting to every occasion, funny and interesting women”

Steve Harvey “You know nothing about men” On the pages of our blog, we have already talked about Steve Harvey and his book “Act like a woman, think like a man.” LatinFeels.com Today we would like to pay attention to the second book of this author called “You Know Nothing About Mens”.

You Know Nothing About Men is the sequel to the bestseller Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man . Harvey returns to debunking male mysteries, uncovering questions and touching on topics that, in his opinion, were insufficiently covered or absent in the first book.

In his characteristic manner, easily, truthfully and accessible, Harvey describes the real situations faced by many women, characterizes the position of men and answers women’s questions.


Thanks to The Book “You Know Nothing About Mens” You Can Learn:

  • more about the relationship between a man and a woman;
  • how important is self-realization in a man’s life;
  • how a man’s view of relationships changes over the course of his life. What relationships are looking for men at the age of twenty, thirty, forty, fifty;
  • when a man is ready for a serious Relationship;
  • about the detrimental effect on women’s behavior of the stereotypes that have developed in relation to men, and someone else’s negative experience of relationships;
  • how to correctly and, most importantly, com review realistically formulate the criteria for the man you want to meet;
  • honest answers to many other questions that concern millions of women!


We would like once again to draw your attention to the differences in the mentality of representatives of different countries. The way of thinking and actions of the representatives of the stronger sex. Describe by Steve Harvey, is not entirely suitable for understanding Slavic. born and raise in the post-Soviet space. The difference in social and economic realities between American and post-Soviet societies is too great. Books about male psychology written by foreign authors help to understand the mentalityand a model of behavior in relationships inherent in foreign, born and raised in Western countries. Despite the fact that the books “Act Like a Woman, DilMil Think Like a Man” and ” describe the reality of American society, the description of the motivation and actions of men can be extended to the representatives of the stronger sex from Western European countries.

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It is Worth Noting Another Aspect. – NOTHING ABOUT MEN

The author of “You Know ” draws the attention of readers to the fact. That the book describes. The way of thinking of men with healthy ambitions. with a weak life position and a complete. Lack of ambition are found in all countries of the world. In his books, Steve Harvey does not stop at describing this kind of and the peculiarities of their thinking. Instead, he talks about how to understand. Whether you have met a purposeful. Who is ready to achieve his goals, or a dreamer. Who has no real idea about his future, about what he would like to achieve in life.

We recommend Steve Harvey’s books to all. Women who are interest in a relationship with. A foreign man and who want to understand the mindset of foreign gentlemen.

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