We firmly believe that an important part of the courtship process is that first weekend together. A true test of your compatibility, but also a great way to create memories. That will last a lifetime of your Relationship, taking a romantic Places trip can be the real make or break of a couple. Don’t be discouraged! With the right Places. You simply can’t go wrong.

If you’re dating in New York, aren’t with someone. Who will be flying to Paris or Rome any minute now (if so, never let go!). And fancy something a little closer to home, here’s our guide to romantic getaways. near New York. Single, you have no excuses! All within a 3-hour drive, you’re sure to find a place that suits you…

Bear mountain

Need to Know: Easily accessible, Bear Mountain is great even if it’s just for a day hike. But to make the most of the amazing hiking trails. Bike trails, and activities on the lake, plan a whole weekend!

Good to Know: From fishing to boat rentals to shady picnic spots, Bear Mountain State Park is New Yorkers’ go-to nature park and by far the easiest choice. When looking for romantic getaways from New York. An hour, you and your partner could be frolicking outdoors, reconnecting with nature in. The most fun, exercise-oriented way possible. Addition to everything you’d expect from a state park. Bear Mountain also has its own zoo and pool for your entertainment. The winter months. The park is home to a must-try outdoor ice rink, and visitors can also hit the cross-country ski trails.

Due to how easy it is to get to and the family-friendly nature of most of its activities. Bear Mountain gets very crowded. If you are looking for a secluded weekend. This may not be the place for you. That said, if you’re the kind of couple. That thrives on and feed off of other people’s energy, getting stuck into an active weekend is the ticket. Good fun, after all, is contagious.


1 hour and 30 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: Gaining popularity every summer for years, North Folk has still managed to maintain. Its reputation as ‘The Quiet Fork’. Don’t be fooled though. This rural farming community, with fantastic wineries and tons of the best restaurants on offer, is the perfect place for a Long Island getaway.

Good to know: Home to miles and miles of beautiful coastline. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sunbathing on the water or by the water on the North Fork Peninsula. With plenty of fun activities to enjoy on the gentle waters. Choose something to suit your desired level of exertion. With everything from relaxing boat rides to stand-up paddle boarding (harder than it looks!). There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

However, the allure of the North Fork extends far beyond summer activities on the water. The reputation of the wineries in the region is also quite impeccable. And there are many options available for couples. Who want to delight in their products. Head to Kontokosta Winery or The Old Field Vineyards and sample. Their supply, both highly recommended. Otherwise, consider booking a tour that will take you through. The region’s wineries and deliver you, after a drink or five, safely back to your hotel. YourChristianDate.Com

Be Girt.

1 hour and 30 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: Just 90 minutes from midtown Manhattan. The beautiful beaches of this small New Jersey community are perfect for visiting in the summer. Built in 1896, be sure to visit the ornate Sea Girt Lighthouse, the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the views!

Good to know: With a population of around 2,000 people and only a handful of bars and restaurants in this small town, it’s not. The most obvious choice for romantic getaways near New York. But the fact that it’s so laid back and so different from New York makes it perfect for big city. Dwellers yearning for a little peace and serenity. Anyone expecting something like MTV’s Jersey Shore series is prepared to be utterly disappointed.

One of New Jersey’s most desirable zip codes, property, and staying here for a weekend, gets expensive. Staying in nearby Wall Township or Brick is an alternative option. And, if you’re going for a long weekend, it pays to be adventurous and explore the rest of New Jersey’s diverse shoreline, from Asbury Park in the north to the iconic delights of Atlantic City in the south.

NewPaltz. – Romantic Places

1 hour and 30 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: Established in the late 17th century, New Paltz is as beautiful as it is historic. A lush forest surrounds this small town in the Hudson Valley, and in addition to the magnificent views available to visitors, being here feels like a breath of fresh air. History buffs rejoice and gaze at the incredibly sweet stone houses built by the Huguenots over 300 years ago.

Good to know: About 80 miles north of New York, New Paltz is perhaps best known for its hiking trails. With simply stunning views of the Hudson Valley from elevated vantage points, the trails around New Paltz are almost certainly the best available on this list of romantic getaways from New York.

However, it’s not the only type of trail worth following here; The Shawangunk Wine Trail traces the history of the area back 300 years, as the French Huguenots first established the tradition here. His winemaking expertise is still felt here today. Exceptional local winemakers, farmers, bakers, and chefs ensure that the meals you’ll enjoy while you’re here will not only be delicious, but also have an authentic taste of New York State.

New Hope – Romantic Places

1 hour and 30 minutes from New York.

Need to know: Long a popular choice for tourists hoping to escape the city for a weekend, this quaint district is almost built for a romantic weekend away. Not only is it home to some of the most expensive real estate in the region, New Hope also has a number of trendy bars, restaurants, and boutiques geared up for the good life. Tours of the Delaware Canal towpath are highly recommended.

Good to know: With a population under 3,000, you might be forgiven for thinking that New Hope, PA was just another sleepy town like Sea Girt. Not quite. As small as it is, New Hope’s popularity means that the locals have become tourism savvy, meaning there are plenty of things to do on a romantic weekend here.

However you like to entertain yourself, there is something here for everyone. Both foodies? Take a food tour of Bucks County! Nature lovers? Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is not to be missed. For nightly entertainment, you can usually catch a band or show at the Bucks County Playhouse or the New Hope Winery, also a great place for a casual drink. Or, of course, take it easy and enjoy the good food and clean living of this pretty Pennsylvania town. Either way, you’re sure to love it.

Delaware water gap – Romantic Places

Need to Know: The perfect spot for an activity-packed weekend, the Delaware Water Gap is every grown-up explorer’s dream destination. Welcoming adventurous couples for more than 50 years, this National Recreation Area nestled among the Appalachian Mountains has 70,000 acres to explore and loads of fun to do.

Good to know: Nestled smack dab between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this is one of the few places where you can paddle between states, Lewis and Clarke style; The most popular activity here is, unsurprisingly, canoeing and kayaking. A hike to circumnavigate part of the 1000 foot deep water gap (there are over a hundred miles of trail) will also yield some unforgettable views. That’s not to mention swimming, biking, fishing, horseback riding; if an action-packed weekend is what you’re looking for, this is the place to have it.

Brimming with wildlife, the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area is also the perfect place to see your favourite wildlife. Cute animals like groundhogs, cottontails, and white-tailed deer roam the open plains, and should be easy to spot—just watch out for skunks. The forest is black bear territory, giving reason to be cautious. Especially since we know what bears like to do in the woods! YourChristianDate

litchfield – Romantic Places

Need to Know: Litchfield County has long been Connecticut’s haven of choice and experienced a surge in visitors from New York about 5 years ago. Still with the same charm, focus on picturesque Litchfield and be sure to explore both the city and its surroundings. Nearby Torrington is also worth a visit.

Good to know: While most New Yorkers listen to ‘Litchfield’ and immediately think of Orange is the New Black, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who will soon be thinking about it a lot more. Litchfield County is dotted with rolling hills and cornfields, and it’s just the kind of rural idyll you need to remedy the big-city blues. You’ll definitely need a car here, as public transportation throughout the county ranges from ‘few and far between’ to ‘completely non-existent’.

New England is perfect in the fall, but the delights of Litchfield can be enjoyed any time of year. Farmers markets, antiquing and hiking make up a triumvirate of activities ideal for couples in this part of the world; We recommend shopping for local produce and artisan bath products at the weekly Litchfield Farm Fresh Market on Saturday morning, before driving down the antique trail on Route 202 and ending at the 4,000-square-foot White Memorial Conservation Centre. acres.


2 hours and 15 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: The subject of a recent Times article, the Hudson Valley has been described as “Brooklyns’ favorite retreat.” And no wonder; beyond the rolling hills of the Valley, the pretty Romantic Places city has cultivated its freshness for more than 30 years. Trendy bars and restaurants abound, couples don’t need to stray too far from the main drag of Warren Street to find good places to eat here.

Good to know: Artsy types have long colonised Hudson, and you can jump between trendy bars, restaurants, antique shops, and galleries with enviable ease. The city’s website claims there are no less than 50 antique shops and nearly 20 galleries, not to mention some 300 historic buildings. Hudson shares some vibes with the best parts of Brooklyn. Only quieter, cleaner and with cooler air.

Be sure to take your time and appreciate the mighty Hudson River as well. Romantic Places Being in the city of the same name can give you a new perspective; Take it from above at Promenade Hill Park or from the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. You can also choose to take a boat tour on the ‘Spirit on Hudson’; usually around 90 minutes, the lovely summer and fall cruises are great for both relaxing and sightseeing.

Refuge island – Romantic Places

2 hours and 30 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: The ‘un-Hamptons’ is a great option if you love the beaches, seafood, and luxury hotels of Long Island’s most famous resort, but don’t love how busy the Hamptons are. Don’t be fooled, though: Shelter Island can be just as expensive. More importantly to us though, it’s just as good!

Good to know: Shelter Island is home to some truly incredible sights, but most couples come here to relax. With high-class bars and restaurants on offer, it’s incredibly easy to live like royalty here. However, the highlights are the beaches of Shelter Island; With beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, perfect for a lazy day lying in the sun, you’re sure to feel a million miles from New York (even though it’s actually only 100 miles away). For secluded sunbathing at its best, make the trip to Shell Beach, though you’ll be better off at Crescent Beach if you want to swim too, as there are lifeguards stationed there.

If all of that sounds too inactive for you and your partner, consider hiring a kayak. The popular Coecles Harbour Marine Water Trail is a great way to see the island’s nature and wildlife, and you can book a guided tour or head out on your own if you fancy some time alone. Remember, couples who sweat together stay together, and that’s no less true of any of these romantic getaways near New York, which is why we picked them!

The Berkshires – Romantic Places

2 hours and 45 minutes from New York.

Need to Know: Another great alternative to The Hamptons, The Berkshires has all the charm without any of the pretension of its Long Island cousin. Not sure if it’s worth the trip to Massachusetts? Wait till you get here: the splendid New England countryside is home to more art, music, literature, and fine dining than you can imagine.

Good to Know: The last of our picks for romantic New York getaways, like many of our previous picks, The Berkshires have plenty of outdoor activities on offer. What sets the area apart are luxurious places to stay and an unforgettable mountain setting. More than anywhere else, though, The Berkshires don’t feel remotely rural: With so much art, music, and theatre to see, cultural couples can still enjoy their favorite things in the sticks.


For impressive art installations, don’t miss the massive MASS MoCA, based in a converted factory. The Berkshires are also home to a couple of true heroes; WEB Du Bois was born here (you can visit his childhood home) and Hermann Melville completed Moby Dick at Arrowhead, his home in Pittsfield. Overwhelmed by all the culture and clean air? Make yourself more at home with a bite to eat at ‘Bagels Too’, serving the best Bagels in the Berkshires.

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