What are the goals you want in your Relationship? Recently, the term “real relationship goals” has become something of a social media phenomenon. Suddenly, everywhere you look in the internet world, it lights up with some over the top, sweet, weird, hysterical, inflated ideas of what a couple should be aiming for in their relationship. But what should you rule out amid all the fuss, and what are the true relationship goals you really want in your life?

In its most basic form, a relationship goal is an ideal, a lesson, a value, or an experience to aspire to in the intimate partner relationship. Instead of being unattainable, it should be inspiring. Relationship goals are best seen as a flexible guide to how best to give and receive love in your relationship, nothing more, nothing less. Just because you don’t have matching Bentleys doesn’t mean you can’t be best friends!

Real Relationship Goals

The relationship goals you want to create in your life focus on facts, not fantasy. Couples like John Legend and Chrissy Teagan have been immortalized in the media for their on-point couple goal images, but at the same time they’ve gone on to show that the fairytale image can also be a true love story. We break down real relationship goals to commit to, long-term relationship goals to build, and finally our list of relationship goals for happiness, all carefully packaged into these 28 fundamental couple goals for life.


two not one – Real Relationship Goals

As a couple, becoming one entity is an easy trap to fall into. All beloved, one can give up one’s own interests and hobbies, even social life. In any relationship, it is important for each individual to maintain their own individuality and independence from her. By being close enough together, you can feel comfortable enough to be apart, with two separate identities in the relationship. #independence.

In sickness and in health

Sometimes things get better and sometimes things get worse. Their relationship is fine and sometimes it is challenged. You are personally in a good place and sometimes you are in a difficult place. In a relationship, being able to take the good with the bad is a true sign of strength. #all terrain. flirtwith.com

lifelong learning – Real Relationship Goals

Growing up is good for you, good for you as an individual, and good for you as a couple. A wonderful way to keep expanding and challenging each other in a positive way is to commit to learning new skills and knowledge together. The goal of lifelong learning relationship keeps your intellect sharp and your interests fresh! #learn.

date night routine

One of the most beneficial real relationship goals to nurture is to make a date night and stick to it. Date night keeps your partner feeling like a lover, gives them a chance to give each other a little extra attention, and set the relationship as a priority in everyday life. It’s about making time for each other, whether it’s away from home or at home, set aside time for each other. #date night.

Handle with Care

One of the couple’s main goals is to really care for each other. Put the best interests of others at the forefront of your decision-making factors. Treat the heart space and emotions of others with respect and as your precious treasure, because what could be more precious? #handlewithcare.

Actively doing things for each other

The simplest relationship goal is: don’t take each other for granted! Strive to actively and consciously do big and small things for each other. #be active.

honest to kindness

Real relationships are based on authentic people in everyday situations. The best version of you is the real version of you! Our relationship goals are to feel as comfortable in the no-makeup, morning-breath, sleepy-faced version of yourself as you do any other time together #bereal

romance never goes out of style

Sometimes clichés are useful. And it doesn’t even have to cost you: do the simple things that will make both of you feel loved. Look at the stars, get up early and watch the sunrise holding hands, take a bubble bath at home. Bring breakfast in bed. Be romantic, it’s worth the effort. #Romance.

The trust test

If your partner left their phone within easy reach and you were alone, would you snoop? Take a look at your messages, calls or social networks? Or are you sure of the reliability of your relationship? One of the fundamental goals of real relationships is to have a solid foundation of trust that can stand the test of time. #trust.

Do you want to start making your own relationship goals?


in love lockdown

Developing a mutual sense of security is something to add to the books for long-term relationship goals. Yes, fair enough, in the early days it’s not that simple, but in the long run, you want to feel confident that your love is locked away. Like not feeling threatened by other close relationships or attractive people in your partner’s life. #security.

Speaking your own love language

A highlight of any relationship is knowing how your partner feels loved…and then being able to love them that way. Creating forms of communication that are unique to your relationship also fosters intimacy and connection. Having your own love language is a hallmark of long-term relationship goals! #lovelanguage. flirtwith

The family – Real Relationship Goals

When your families automatically include you both in all plans and just assume you’ll be there, you’ve made it! Part of the family, your relationship status is solid! #family.

in your own bubble

In long-term relationship goals, creating your own world is one of the stepping stones to that magical place. It’s that intimate world of “only a couple knows”: the words you use, the memories only you share, the personal details… As Keane sang, let’s go to a place only we know. #bubble.

adventure together

Venturing out together breathes fresh air into a relationship. Couples who achieve all their relationship goals do new things together. You don’t have to go skydiving to adventure together, but then again, why not? Try new activities, go to new places, even if it’s a street cafe you’ve been wanting to try. And if you can travel, travel as much and as far as you can together. Novelty and spontaneity keep your love alive! #adventure.

Pamper yourself and still be surprised

Sometimes you do something so crazy and silly that the grand gesture leaves no doubt in your partner’s mind that it is loved. One way to remind your partner that you truly love them, in the long run, is to simply do something for them that is ridiculous, over the top, and will leave both of you a little breathless. Buy a giant stuffed animal, order 300 flowers, listen to a love song outside your window. From time to time, make your partner blush attentively and create a memory for a lifetime. #spoiled.

High voltage cable – Real Relationship Goals

Connect when you communicate: listen, don’t just listen. Hitting the high notes of the relationship goal is about hearing the real message, not just the words, that are being communicated. Connect to the message below the words. #communicate forreal.

financial forecast

When it comes to money matters, stay on the same page! Maybe it’s opening a joint bank account, planning to buy a house together, or agreeing on who’s responsible for what expenses around the house, but being in sync when it comes to your financial outlook is winning the game of love in the long run. #money matters.

Illuminated – Real Relationship Goals

Keep your physical connection as healthy as your emotional one. After all, we are physical beings. Send a naughty text message on the day, write a sexy love letter, surprise your partner with candles and a massage… lighting the fire together with friendship is the goal of a long-term relationship! #sexytime.


fair fight

When creating a list, relationship goals for happiness should include learning how to handle conflict. Every couple will fight at some point. Winning couples know how to turn a fight into an exercise in communication. Take a deep breath, defuse the situation by reaching out and telling your partner that you want to listen to them more than necessary to be right. It will work miracles! #stand up for love.

Laugh out loud… a lot

Do not lose the ability to laugh with each other, and even at each other. Living life alongside someone else is sure to lead to some pretty crazy moments. Telling silly jokes, having fun with each other: laughing together is the glue of happy relationships. #laugh a lot.

flirt forever after – Real Relationship Goals

It’s easy to stop flirting with each other. You don’t need to win affection or impress your partner once you’re in it for the long haul! Stop and change that perception right now. Flirting makes your relationship fun; make eyes, joke around, use naughty nicknames, pretend to pick up your partner at a bar… use your personal knowledge to take it to the expert level of flirting; both of you will have more fun. #flirt expert.

Facing the future

As much as fun can boost the happiness of your relationship, planning toward long-term goals provides security and a sense of accomplishment that goes a long way toward satisfaction and achievement. He also gives the stamp of security that it is not strange to make long-term plans and affirms that they both see a future together. #with a future vision.

be best friends – Real Relationship Goals

On the list, the goal of this relationship is simple: to be best friends. At the end of the day, your partner is your person, they (hopefully) know you inside out, and (probably) spend the most time with you above anyone else. As the famous quote goes, “love is friendship that burns”, so build friendship to burn. #best friends.

Hold hands

Never stop holding hands. This one is pretty simple too. It brings you closer, reconnects, and is romantic all in one. Make it a habit. Do not stop. Whether you are young or old, together short or long. Always hold hands. In bed, on the sofa, on the street, in the park, in the mall, under the table, at the movies… #holdon.

be nice – Real Relationship Goals

Be as generous as you can with your perception of your partner and what you choose to give in the relationship. Give them the benefit of the doubt, believe in the good, and go the extra mile to be genuinely kind. Being kind is one of the simple yet effective partner goals for truly great love. #Be kind.

place number 1

Prioritize your relationship. Your partner. Prioritize the moments that have meaning and create memories. #1.

team with us

Being in the corner of the other. They are teammates for life, or plan to be. Talking to each other falls short of real relationship goals. Tell us what makes you proud of each other, don’t tell your friends or family, and hold positive regard as standard practice. #equipment.

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safe space

Last but not least, be a safe space for each other. At the end of the day, your partner should be your port of rough seas. A real relationship goal for long-term happiness is to create strong boundaries to protect your partner and your love. Have a non-judgmental zone, a hiding place of honesty to let it all fall through sometimes, and a confidence that can withstand the best and worst in others.

And there you have it: 28 pairs of goals for happiness. The most important thing to know about the idea of ​​having a list of relationship goals for happiness is that your list must be real to you. Relationships are not a checklist of do’s and don’ts for lasting love. It’s not about creating the perfect #relationshipgoals image for Instagram, it’s about creating your own goals based on what’s important and true to you and your partner.

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