After testing, we have summarized the key features of this hookup dating website and now we would like to share our honest thoughts with you.

The True Nature of

Although we think should be considered as a hookup dating site, perhaps we have to point out that it’s still different from other hookup sites because it’s actually a classified aggregator. In other words, accumulates ads from many escorts on a variety of websites and post them all here. Though this looks like a wonderful tool for people who are looking for escorts, you’d better read its pros and cons below before you use their service.


1) It’s very, very convenient. You don’t need to play games with anyone. All you need to do is to view escorts’ ads and see which one looks best and then you can get laid immediately. This saves you a lot of time because in this day and age, “dating” is literally a part-time job for most people, as it’s very time-consuming and takes a lot of work/effort. In contrast, finding a call girl is simple and straightforward.

2) It turns out that most escorts are high-quality women. Truthfully, the majority of escorts that I’ve met are very intelligent and switched-on ladies. What’s more, they are practical and down-to-earth. More importantly, escorts are very different from most women in the mainstream society where people can’t call a spade a spade. So, is doing you a favor by showing you escorts’ ads! Also, I’ve met relationship coaches and university lecturers who work as escorts as well!

3) You do not need to create a profile on because you don’t even need an account. You can simply begin browsing hundreds of photos immediately. You will see women’s contact details instantly. However, if you would like to write a review, you will have to enter your name. Then other men can read your first-hand experience on the site. Review: Is This Actually a Hookup Dating Site?


1) is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of ads displayed on their website. What they do is to collect ads from other websites and publish all ads on their platform so you don’t have to look for escorts’ ads on the Internet. Therefore, you need to filter ads by yourself.

2) Prostitution is illegal in many countries, although it’s the oldest profession in the world. Thus, you will have to check your local law in this regard before using!


1) Browse the database: Because ads are added to the platform every single day, you can easily browse a lot of women’s profile photos.

2) Contact a woman you are attracted to: Contact women for free.

3) Escort Babylon: Make your request and what you want will be delivered.

4) Forty up: Meet mature ladies above 40 years old. This is a great feature because many men prefer mature women who actually understand men.

5) Desi Dahl: Meet a Bollywood style woman.

6) Lux Erotica: Meet a VIP escort to spend an erotic night in a luxurious hotel.

7) Car fun: Have fun with a woman in your car.

8) Trans x: Have an encounter with a transgender woman.

Experts’ comments:

“Although is an international hookup site, most of its users are from North America.” (Curt Coch)

“You can easily find an escort who specializes in a service that you are looking for. Also, it’s a free service, meaning does not charge a fee from you. You just have free access to a lot of escorts’ profiles easily.” (Serghei)

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An escort’s journal entry (this is written by the intimacy coach who also works as an escort):

“Stand over a big mirror, or get a hand mirror, and look at the area between your legs. Spread your legs so that you can have a really good look. Describe what you see in the mirror. Is it a gorgeous pink pearl, nestled in folds of rich purple silk? How does it look and feel as you slowly and gently massage the beautiful lips surrounding your honeypot?

Carefully observe how your vulva looks in both non-aroused and aroused states. You can use lubrication and practice stimulating your own clitoris regularly. The moment you start to feel pleasure is the beginning of the orgasm. As I see it, shame-free self-pleasuring is the ultimate safe s*x. Once we know how to trigger our own orgasm, we don’t really need a partner to do it for us. That’s very empowering, isn’t it? ???? Well, you can always stimulate your reflex centers by yourself until the right guy rocks up! What’s your relationship with your pussy?”

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