Have you ever found yourself thinking of Spice up The Relationship ways to spice up the relationship? Nothing more natural than, after a certain period of relationship, to realize that life together has fallen into routine.

This does not mean that the affection is over or that the lust is gone. It happens that, in the daily life of the couple, priorities change focus. Thus, the time that, at the beginning of courtship, was devoted to the conquest and discovery of mutual pleasure, is now managed in a different way.

Confident of affinity, of harmony, partners can be carried away by the rhythm of everyday life, acting in a more practical way. That is, as the seduction stage DilMil.co seems “completed”, the couple stops paying attention to this point and just… go with the flow!

How to spice up the relationship

Who said seduction is a step? And, much less, that it can be considered “completed”?

If you identified with what you read so far, don’t worry . In this article we have gathered 5 tips on how to spice up the relationship .

Try the ones that most closely match your profile and be surprised by the results. You will see how simple attitudes are able to redefine your concept of pleasure. And, on top of that, to bring seduction for the time it is due: forever!

  1. Invest in yourself

You didn’t expect this one, did you? After all, isn’t the idea of ​​this article to give tips to spice up the couple’s relationship ? So, how right away, comes a suggestion aimed at the individual?

Calm down, you will understand. We started with this tip because there is nothing more aphrodisiac than high self- esteem . It is, without a doubt, the sexiest thing you can “wear”.

Feeling good about yourself is overwhelming. It brings a vital energy that rekindles desires. It gives security to attitudes and motivates new life experiences.

Who looks beautiful, conquers. Or have you never noticed the seduction power of a person who exudes confidence and self-love?

Make no mistake: this posture does not exclusively benefit one side of the couple. Win who you love. And whoever feels loved by a being that inspires admiration wins.

Therefore, being in love with yourself is the first rule of every healthy Relationship .

Go pamper yourself a little! Take care, gift yourself, allow yourself, empower yourself. And encourage your partner to do the same.

You will see that, by spicing up the relationship with yourself, DilMil you will be, instantly, spicing up the relationship for two.

How to Spice up The Relationship? 5 Tips to Improve Sex

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

The couple who understand each other already know what they like. You know what works. He knows the way to orgasm – his and the other .

While there’s nothing wrong with following that path that leads to the right destination, a little adventure in life never hurt anyone, did it?

Bring that concept to sex! Cause new sensations. Give novelty a chance.

In what ways? Well, the options are manifold. To help you think about it, here are a few:

Test a different position. You don’t need to embody the Kama Sutra (although it can inspire you…). Sometimes, just don’t lie down! Try having sex standing up or see how a chair can become your imagination’s best friend.

Explore new places. From the house, or outside it. In fact, if you have a backyard, it can be quite an alternative.

Take a little trip. The change of air excites. When you have fun, relax and feel happy , you end up more excited for sex too.

Vary the hours. Many couples turn on autopilot in this regard. However, if you think about it for a second, you will notice how the light, the physical disposition, the temperature… change throughout the day. It’s a very effective suggestion on how to spice up the relationship , without great creative efforts.

Add some toys. Have you ever been to a sex shop? Worth physical or virtual store. The diversity of items goes far beyond vibrators and edible panties. Be curious! New horizons may be more accessible than you think.

Make room for fantasies. Share the one that turns you on to your partner. It can be by cell phone message, at an unusual time of day.

  1. Invest in foreplay

Yes, it’s a cliché. But here’s a golden tip: know that every cliché holds a great truth.

One of the things that makes every beginning of a relationship hot is, precisely, the time spent on foreplay. Provocation instigates desire .

Remember situations in which you wait for a meal, while smelling it or seeing it look like it is being prepared. The appetite is super stimulated, right?

It may seem like a silly comparison, but delaying satisfaction stokes hunger, just as it does when it comes to sex.

And how to spice up the relationship in that sense? There are no rules, but some examples might be useful:

Provoke with looks and with more naughty compliments. After all, our sexual stimuli don’t just live on tact.

Do you and your partner like nudes? So use technology to your advantage.

Rediscover the lust of the kiss. From the hug, which turns into a festival of silly hands. Go back to basics, letting it roll. Unhurried. Act like a teenager . Pretend you can’t get past this. Your libido will soar.

Explore erogenous zones. Earlobes, inner thighs, back, neck, back of neck, lips and lower abdomen are some strategic points. Soft touches, bites, kisses, scratches… Anything that is pleasant for both counts.

  1. Create a mood

Of all the tips on how to spice up the relationship that we are presenting, this item is the one that requires the most investment of time. Although you can simplify and abbreviate things, the idea is really to predispose yourself to a more time-consuming elaboration.

Before you complain that it’s a lot of work, know: it’s not to do this every time you have sex. Especially because the concept here is to get out of the routine – and not fall into a new one.

The proposal to create a climate has a lot to do with the revitalization of the couple’s affective life. These are exceptional moments that provide new memories for each one’s existence. When we share moments like this, the common story expands and, with it, complicity and intimacy .

Now let’s go to the magic recipe on how to spice up the relationship by creating an atmosphere? Just kidding, of course. At this point in the conversation, you are well aware that there is no formula in relationships. What is sexy to some may sound cheesy to others. What is unusual for some may be commonplace for others.

Therefore, the biggest secret is to respect their preferences. Read the tips, but adapt them to your reality and will. If it becomes artificial, forced, it loses meaning.

That said, take a look at the suggestions we’ve selected to inspire you:

Adjust the lighting. Create an intimate atmosphere with candlelight. Or give it a more surreal aura with a colorful lamp.

Bet on the classic: a good wine or sparkling wine helps to relax and uninhibit.

Add a soundtrack. Music and sex go together a lot. You can follow your instincts and opt for a style that you find suggestive. You can also search for playlists with that theme. Or, you can create your own playlist, looking for songs that were part of your history with your partner. Nostalgia can be an excellent spice.

Don’t forget your sense of smell: aromatic candles, incense or a special perfume add a unique touch to the moment.

  1. Include a third person in the relationship

That’s not what you’re thinking ! We use this title to grab your attention, as the idea of ​​this last tip is a new concept of how to spice up the relationship .

Yes it’s true. We are suggesting that a third person be added to the relationship. And this extra guest has, in fact, the ability to help the couple overcome crises, overcome inhibitions, difficulties… We are talking about the sexologist .

To clarify: sexologist is a psychology professional , trained in sexology . Unlike doctors such as gynecologists and urologists, he specializes in issues directly related to sex, in its psychological character.

Just as we naturally treat the search for a therapist, who can help us with the most diverse daily problems and accentuate our process of self -knowledge , sexual therapy exists to achieve more quality in our relationships. With partners and with our own body.

We know that a friend can be a good listener.

However, especially in matters as intimate as those involving sexuality , these conversations are not always so comfortable. Or even beneficial. After all, the friend is not an expert on the subject. He relies only on his own personal experiences on the subject.

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Imagine what it would be like to be able to talk about your fears, traumas, difficulties and sexual doubts with someone who listens to you without prejudice. A person to whom you can trust your secrets, safe in the knowledge that they will never be made public. And that, when guiding you, do so with in-depth knowledge of the subject. Can you imagine? Then know that the sex therapist is just that – and more.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the idea of ​​going to a doctor’s office to find this kind of help, we have great news for you. Ever heard of online sexologist ? Well, like others, sex therapy can be conducted virtually, in the comfort and privacy of your home. Excellent, don’t you think?

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