Two unfamiliar people meet by chance. Love At First Sight He spotted her in the crowd, and she felt his eyes on her. When their eyes met, they both felt this “something” and there was no turning back, they were lost – they fell in love with each other. Sounds like an excerpt from some romantic movie? A bit like that, because such situations occur mainly in the movies. It is not said that no one has ever experienced anything like this, but there aren’t many such cases. At least that’s what scientists say, and they are embracing romantic vision. about love at first sight.

Love at First Sight. What it Really is – Definition and Signs.

The definition of love at first sight is actually very simple – it is falling in love with someone we see for the first time. The very definition may raise doubts. While many romantics argue that this love is possible, skeptics speak of fascination and desire. It happens that a specific bond appears between two people almost from the very beginning. Some people catch a common language from the very beginning and get along well with each other.

Is it possible to talk about love at first sight in such cases? Rather not, because love is a deeper feeling that usually only shows up after a while. As you know, parental and friendly love is completely different, it also appears in a relationship. None of them should be fleeting or short-lived. When we talk about love, we mean something more serious and lasting. So how is it with love at first sight? At the beginning of the Relationship, we can talk about infatuation, falling in love or fascination.

Love may come over time. After the first meeting, it is difficult to find deep feelings and serious declarations. People who believe in love at first sight speak of a sudden and intense feeling, the feeling that the other person is on the same wavelength. They then have the impression that that the whole world has suddenly ceased to exist and all attention is focused on that one person. From a psychological point of view, in such situations it is referred to as the so-called chemistry and infatuation. Infatuation can turn into love, of course, but it takes a little more time and getting to know each other better.

Infatuation at First Sight? How Does it Affect The Relationship?

If a specific thread of understanding appears between two people from the very beginning, they have a chance to build a truly lasting relationship. Relationships built on friendship, respect, mutual understanding and shared interests have a stronger foundation and bode well for the future.

In their case, of course, there may also be unforeseen circumstances that will cause the relationship to break up. People who know each other longer and, TripTogether for example, were friends for a long time, are able to find solutions to conflicts faster. This is due to their knowledge of each other and their shared experiences.

Love At First Sight - Definition, Signs And Is It Even Possible?

In building various relationships, the so-called first impression. It is important during an interview or the first date. Even if we recognize that there is no love at first sight, first impressions always appear and matter. However, it should not affect the entire relationship. Sometimes it turns out that we did not like the person after we first met them. Over time, however, our view may change. Likewise, the other way around can happen – an acquaintance that we found promising from the beginning can evolve completely later.

So keep in mind that the first impression is important, but it is not the success (or failure) of the entire relationship.

Love at First Sight – to Believe in it or Not?

If you asked random passers-by if they believed in love at first sight, it might turn out that many people will answer yes. Only after a long conversation, it may turn out that these people perceive this feeling rather as an infatuation or a kind of attraction. It all depends on who understands the concept of love at first sight.

As we know, each of us is different and we perceive the world differently. This is completely normal, therefore scientists usually conduct more precise and extensive research. So their claims are not based on individual responses from random people. It depends on us which stories will be closer to us – those we hear ourselves from our relatives and friends, or theses put forward by researchers and psychologists. They may differ from each other, so we should decide for ourselves which ones we want to believe.

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Love at first sight is a very popular theme in literature, art and film. It is sudden, unexpected and intense. It can be said that it is quite superficial, because it is based primarily on the physical side. In many film and literary works, love at first sight is determined literally by seconds, quick glances that change the lives of the characters. It is a bit different in real life. As we have already noted, during the first meeting, there may be some impulse that makes the person interesting to us. However, we are talking then about infatuation, falling in love. You have to wait a while for deeper, true love. Permanent love requires a bit more work from people in love, longer acquaintances and many conversations. When the first fascination is over, the hormones normalize a bit and everyday life remains.

It is up to the partners what they do with the relationship. Does love at first sight exist? Depending on how we define it, we can answer it ourselves. In general, love is considered a strong feeling that comes as a result of falling in love. So we should rather talk about infatuation at first sight. However, nothing prevents this infatuation from becoming a good foundation for a long, beautiful love.

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