What do men want? Women all over the world have been wondering about this question for centuries. It is no secret that both the fair sex and the uglier sex are significantly different from each other, also in terms of what they think, dream about and what “sits” in their heads. It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and they have a hard time understanding each other if the other side does not say what they mean. Of course, there are also relationships in which partners have been together YourChristianDate.com for many years and understand each other without words.

Mutual understanding is key to creating a harmonious and happy relationship, and sincere conversation is a solid foundation on which we should build a relationship. Talking about your needs is important and allows you to avoid many misunderstandings and disappointments that can generate sometimes inaccurate guesses. It is worth remembering that what men want does not always differ from what women dream about, and getting to know male desires can be a big surprise for women.

What do Men Want?

Many women are convinced that men’s needs are not excessive and that what matters to them is only sex, good food and … peace of mind. And while in some cases you can actually find a copy with such a worldview, the vast majority of guys have much more extensive desires. Understanding what men want can not only help the fair sex to get to know the male point of view, but also more effectively reach the heart of a potential partner and improve the atmosphere in an already existing Relationship.

We are bombarded over and over with presumptions about what men want. Presumptions because they often have nothing to do with the truth. From the Internet or, for example, from movies, women find out that the main needs of men are sex, big biceps and a six-pack on the stomach, and the best is a super fast car (straight from the salon, of course) and a girl with whom he does not have to connect too much YourChristianDate enough for him to brag about it in front of his friends. Fortunately, men’s desires are very different from these ideas. Wondering what men online and more crave? Want to find out how to win a guy’s heart? Read our tips!

Acceptance. What Men Want

What do men want? Just like women – to accept them! It is a very important element in the life of every human being. If you have a close person next to you who not only loves you, but also fully accepts you: your character, habits, choices, knows that you are not an ideal and does not try to force you to change you – then you feel like a fully valuable person.

Many men dream that their loved one would show such understanding. The fair sex, however, is not always able to meet these requirements – it often happens that even if a girl finds her ideal guy, after some time she states that she could have a different job, not drink this beer every Friday evening, not go out twice in month with buddies, or give up playing on the console. It is of great importance for men that they can just be themselves,

What Men Want - Check How to Win his Heart!Freedom and Time for Yourself. – What Men Want

Even in a successful relationship, what men want is not to limit their freedom and free time. Guys sometimes have their own little problems and thoughts for which they need a moment of solitude. Moreover, even the most enamored man will be overwhelmed by spending the whole day, non-stop with his beloved. If you don’t want your boyfriend to find that your relationship is pointless because you limit.

It – you need to understand how important it is for him to be able to spend time alone (yes, even during a boring fishing trip!) And on men’s evenings with friends, during which he can play on the console, watch matches, play cards or drink beer. Women often treat such a need as something specifically aimed at it, look for a problem in the relationship, or think that a guy is cheating on it. But contrary to appearances, it has nothing to do with them! Just what men want is sometimes this moment for themselves – without family, partner or even buddies.


It may be surprising for many women that what men also want is … understanding. This is a very important part of any successful relationship. Being understood by the person you love allows you to feel at ease and safe. Of course, partners do not have to agree with each other and their views in everything. It is almost impossible – but the most important thing is to respect each other and your opinion. The guy wants to feel that he does not have to be afraid of arguments from his beloved. As soon as he presents her own views and that he can count. On an honest opinion and a real discussion on the level. A relationship should be a safe haven. Where you can be yourself without fear, without pretending to be someone you are not and without trying to please someone. At your own expense.

Honesty and Openness. – What Men Want

Undoubtedly, honesty should be taken for granted in a relationship. Often, however, women tend to hide their true feelings or emotions because. They hope that their partners will figure out what’s going on. What makes them sad, or why they are angry with them. Meanwhile, what men want is this honesty and openness to the other person. If we are together in a relationship. We should not play guessing games, but simply talk about our feelings and expectations. This attitude not only facilitates mutual understanding. Between partners, but also saves you nerves, disappointment and later frustration.

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They Want to be Needed.

What do men want (apart from having the power of their favorite superhero, of course)? Feel that they are needed. Nowadays, women are often single by choice, they work hard, climb the career ladder. Achieve great results and high positions – they do everything on their own. A guy who hears that a girl knows everything. Best herself and does not need anyone – so it will have the impression that she is completely unnecessary. And even that he is not good enough. The male ego makes a man feel. That he is the best and necessary for his woman’s life in something, because. There are aspects in which – without it – she cannot cope. Let’s be clear: no one likes to feel redundant.

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