How To Successfully Combine Studying and Dating

Dating : It was bad enough trying to combine studying and Dating with a social life as an undergraduate but once you have been working in industry for a while. It can be even harder to try returning to studying and dating at the same time.  The chances are you will have less time for Dating. Especially if you are still working full time and trying to fit everything in at once. If you have given up working while you get your qualification. There is the problem of trying to impress your date when you can’t splash out on fancy meals or theatre tickets like some of your peers can.  However, if you don’t want to be single for the duration of your course. There are ways to successfully combine studying and dating.

Set Goals

You will not be studying forever, and it is important to set yourself goals and remember what they are.  If you need to be exam ready in six months there will be occasions when you aren’t able to Dating much, especially around revision time.  There may be deadlines that you have to meet for assignments.  For a little while, your studies will have to take priority while your romantic life takes a backseat.  Remember that your qualification will be worth it in the end when you have a good job and a bigger salary.

Set Expectations

If you meet someone you really like and you think the relationship could go somewhere, then it is important to set their expectations as soon as you can.  For example, if you have had a few dates and you imagine you will still be with this person when exam week comes around, let them know that you might not be able to see or speak to them for a while as you get stuck into your books.  A potential partner will be a lot happier to know when you are not going to be available and plan their own life around your studies than wonder why you suddenly ghost them for a few weeks.

Avoid Time Wasters – Combine Studying and Dating

There are people out there who will waste your time.  These individuals are easy to spot because as soon as you start dating them, they will be trying to distract you from your studies.  For example, if you usually study on a Saturday afternoon but they want you to spend this time at the movies with them every week.  You might want to study on a Sunday morning, but to them going out for brunch is far more important and they get upset if you disagree.

These people do not have your best interests at heart, and it is unlikely that a long-term relationship will work with them anyway if they are selfish and you don’t share the same goals.  These types of people are best avoided.

Set Yourself a Schedule

How To Successfully Combine Studying and DatingSetting a study schedule from the outset makes good sense but this becomes especially important if you are dating too.  Make sure that you make a timetable of your classes and actively follow your study plan.  This is quite simple to do if you are attending a bricks-and-mortar college.  If you are studying online for a qualification such as an online MBA from Aston University, it may be easier to juggle personal and work commitments but you will have to be more self-disciplined.

Once you have drawn up your study plan, you have to be disciplined enough to stick to it.  This can be difficult when you are in the first flush of new love.  Even if your partner is incredibly supportive, there will be times when you want to cut classes so that you can hang out together or go on a date rather than hitting the books.  Self-discipline is difficult but entirely necessary if you want to achieve your goals.  You should remember that if this person is the love of your life, they will still be around long after you have passed your course and you will have all the time in the world to spend together.

Schedule Time Off

When setting your schedule, it is as important that you schedule time to relax as well as work.  If you try to do too much at once, you will soon get stressed.  Set aside a few hours per week to enjoy doing other things such as hobbies and dating and you will find that you are a lot more relaxed when you return to your studies.  This will make it easier for you to learn and you will avoid burnout.

Go On Innovative Dates – Combine Studying and Dating

If returning to studying has left you short on funds to spend on dates, then it might be time to start thinking outside the box and come up with some ideas for innovative dates that don’t cost the earth.  For example, a picnic in the park makes a romantic date and doesn’t break the bank.  A great advantage of dating this way is that if you are not exclusive yet, your date may be going out to the same boring places such as restaurants or cinemas with people who aren’t as imaginative as you.  This means that your dates will stand out in their mind as being different and interesting.  This can work in your favour as far as the competition is concerned.

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Make Dates Around Your Other Commitments

Making dates around your other commitments is a great way of fitting dating into a busy schedule.  If you like to keep fit but don’t have time to go on a date and go to the gym, then why not invite your date to go to the gym with you, or go for a bike ride instead? That way you can date whilst doing something else you enjoy.  If your date is also studying, then a study date can be a great way to spend time together without getting behind with your studies.

With careful planning, you can combine studying and dating successfully.  Who knows, you might even meet your life partner while getting qualified.

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