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Unfortunately, men who batter their partners do not exhibit  a single profile. You can’t tell a Woman In Abusive Relationship relationship just by looking at her husband or boyfriend. Experts say that domestic violence defies every social boundary. Men who like to beat up their partners have deep psychological struggles. Most of them aim to gain total control over the relationship and the lives of their partners.

There are close to 2,000 women who are killed by their partners each year. But those who are a battered number around 2 million. And how can you tell if you have Freddy Krueger for a partner?

Other men’s violent nature is sometimes triggered by drugs and alcohol. They feel that they can interact well with their partner if they hurt them. Almost all of these abusers are victims of abuse themselves, or at one point in their lives, they have witnessed someone in the family being abused.

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A woman in an abusive relationship does not find it any easier to leave the relationship at all. If we think that domestic violence is reason enough to flee from the commitment, to some people, it is not. Some of these women are hounded by the fear that there is no life beyond the relationship. Others are kept from leaving because of threats to their lives and those of their children.

Not all men who batter their wives or girlfriends are hateful. A lot of them are actually good providers and caring partners. That is why there are those who chose to stay despite the violence. It usually takes a hundred more bruises before a woman in an abusive relationship realizes that sometimes the only way for her to be safe is to be away from the one she loves. Woman In Abusive Relationship in AmoLatina Dating

A woman in an abusive relationship generally has to be the one to give up on the commitment. Men who are abusive may have thousands of excuse why they physically hurt their companions, but ironically, these are the men who are totally dependent on their partners. Sometimes their fear of being left alone becomes too overwhelming, thus, they resort to violent actions. The batterers though are mostly not capable of leaving their partners.

The hard fact is, a woman in an abusive relationship is usually able to leave the abusive partner for good, only after attempting about three to seven times prior. Those of us who are lucky enough to have peaceful relationships can only sigh. If there is such a thing as excessive love, it probably prevented them from seeing the way out.

Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationship

The reason why God put the brain on top of the head is that we’re supposed to use it more often than any other part of our body.

However, few people ever see this sign. They say that there are no real geniuses when it comes to being in a relationship. There are some people who are holding prestigious positions in big companies. But are not as successful in their private lives.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that only the jobless or those without promising careers are entitled to have harmonious relationships. In truth, you a good and happy relationship is built, not acquired. The responsibilities have to do by both parties and not by a single person.

Stories about abused women are all but a common thing in every society. Each story is as familiar as the next one. And no matter how many others have set examples there are always those who unrelentingly fall into the pit.

Why women stay in an abusive relationship is one of the many questions that continue to hound the human race. Even with constant interventions from family and friends, some of these women seem to think that nothing is extremely wrong about their relationships. They are in denial about any abuse because they think they have themselves to blame for it.

Other women stay in an abusive relationship because of fear. Some abusers threaten to do harm to their partners and/or their children. Also, some women have the fear that they won’t be able to financially support themselves and their children if they leave their abusive partners.

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If a woman believes that she has no place else to go, she would just bear all the abuses in her relationship. She may have been isolated from her family and friends to ensure that she will give her total submission once she realizes that she is alone in the world.

One of the main reasons that some women do not end a relationship no matter how abusive their partner is because they don’t want to act against the teachings of the church or the norms of the society. They’d rather pretend that all’s well, rather than be different from the others.

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Love is the most common alibi why a lot of women are trying to live with any form of abuse. They think that suffering is an essential part of a strong commitment. But if a woman will start to feel bad about herself, then she should assess her and her partner’s feelings. No one has the right to put you down and strip you of your self-esteem. And love, despite challenges, should make us free and happy, not otherwise.

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