A Chance Meeting – Business and Love

Geoff: We met in Salt Lake City, Utah in baggage claim. Business and Love I was living in New York at the time and Alix was in L.A. We were both separately going on ski trips for the weekend. I missed my flight the night before and had to take one at 5 a.m. the next morning. Alix’s flight happened to get delayed, so we ended up landing in SLC at the same time. We met at baggage claim, struck up conversation, realized we were going to the same place, and then shared an Uber up to the mountain.

We basically started dating that weekend. But, in the Uber YourLoveMeet.Com up to the mountain, it was actually pretty annoying—mostly because I was sleep deprived—but also because she just immediately hopped on a conference call for the entire 45 minute ride. It turns out she was on the phone with Bev’s lawyer getting the first licenses.

When we got to the mountain, she gave me her phone number, and we hung out the whole weekend. I was going up there to hang out with some guy friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, but I just saw them for a few hours and spent most of the time with Alix.

Alix: I love the fact that it was the first flight he’s ever missed in his whole life. It’s not a normal thing for him. Mine was four hours delayed, and we probably would not have met otherwise.

We are Partners in Business and Love

Becoming a Couple – Business and Love

Alix: I had already started the company at that point Business and Love but was still fundraising. I was going to be in New York the following week and Geoff asked if he could take me on a date. I said sure, and I looped him in with my assistant to schedule it, which is just completely absurd. It was a joke—I was just kind of messing with him.

I went to New York and I basically stayed YourLoveMeet with him for the entire 10 days. Geoff had a marketing agency and I was running Bev out in LA. We did long distance for about a year before he moved to L.A. We moved in together and got engaged pretty much right after that!

Working Together

Geoff: We work really well together. Originally, I was very separation of church and state. I didn’t really ever want to work with a significant other—I thought it was a horrible idea. Then, Alix asked me to help on Bev’s marketing team for a couple months, and a couple months turned into six months, which turned into two years. But, we work super well together.

If you can figure out as a couple how to make time Business and Love for yourselves outside of work, and get past the first few speed bumps, then it’s amazing, You know that person better than anyone else and they know you better than anyone else, so you can just kind of skip the bullshit and jump right into it. I never thought I would work with a significant other, but I’ve changed my mind about that. It’s amazing.

Tying the Knot – Business and Love

Alix: Our wedding was at my aunt and Business and Love uncle’s house on Nantucket. We had it in their backyard, which was great. Because of Bev, we have a bunch of vendors who got really excited to pitch in. We got flip flops with a little logo that my creative director, who is also my cousin, made. And sweatshirts. For the after party, we had a silent disco which was DJ’d by our friend.

We had predominantly female vendors—in fact, pretty sure exclusively female vendors—from around the island. It was very personal, and it was cool to see not only our friends and family get involved, but our business friends and family be supportive and engaged in the wedding too.

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Geoff: We had just about the entire Bev team come to the wedding, and investors too. It was a great celebration. Though Alix started the business before we met, we started dating fairly shortly after, so these people have known and supported us through the entire creation and growth of Bev.

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