Articles "Baby, Light My Fire" – Teach About Sex And Dating Articles Teach – Great Sex, Good Sex, and Maintenance Sex. On a few occasions in your life, you will experience great sex.  When everything comes together just right, you can have a mind-blowing experience that will last you your whole life long.

It can happen when you and your partner are feeling smitten with each other when you have a particularly special occasion, rare feeling on top of the world for some non-relationship reason.

Whatever the cause, great sex happens when some extra variable adds to the pleasure and makes it a peak experience.

Not every sexual encounter is going to be great sex.  Sometimes the sex is good.

Good sex is the normal sexual relations you have with your partner.  It is the giving and receiving of pleasure.  You don’t even have to orgasm to have good sex, you just have to share physically.

Then there is maintenance sex.  Don’t undercut the importance of maintenance sex as it can lubricate the relationship.  This is when you don’t have the time for wine and flowers, but you need the release found only in each other’s arms.

Women tend to love great sex and appreciate good sex but not understand the importance of maintenance sex.  This helps keep you emotionally and physically close when you have only 20 minutes to connect at the end of a stressful day.

When Should You Have Sex? – Articles

The more sex you have, the better.  So, ideally, you will have sex whenever one partner wants it.  The person who is not in the mood should do whatever he or she can to get in the mood with the partner’s help.

Some people enjoy dating sex in the morning while others prefer it in the evening.  Some are only comfortable in the dark while others like the lights all on.  Discuss your preferences with your partner and be prepared to make tradeoffs so you both get what you want some of the time. Articles "Baby, Light My Fire"

Why Should You Have Sex?

Sex is the glue, which keeps you physically and emotionally connected in a relationship.  It is a unique experience that you don’t share with anyone else.  It helps you become tightly bonded.

When you have sex, you feel more like a team and it helps you get through the rough spots.  You sense how much your partner cares about you and wants to give you pleasure.

Sex is also an amazing release from the everyday stresses life brings on.  Orgasm calms you and helps distract you from your problems.

Sex offers an emotional and physical release – so most people are easier to live with after they have made love.

How Much Sex Should You Have? – Articles

When you don’t have sex, you fall out of touch with your body.  The more sex you have, the more you’ll want it.  You will get in touch with your partner’s body and your own.

Many people underestimate just how important sex is emotional, physically, and mentally.  They also don’t understand how important it is for the relationship.

Sex is a normal healthy drive – just like eating or sleeping.  Just ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

So, the more sex you have, the more you’ll want.  And that’s a healthy thing. Teach You How To Make A Relation – Articles

You may be shocked at what proportion a relationship will grow if you’re employed at it. If you recognize and apply some easy rules, your relationship will prove to be one in all the foremost undefeated and happy relationships that ever existed.

Let’s suppose that you just area unit meeting somebody on-line which person appears to be the philosopher of your life, however, resides distant from you. will its value to pay it slowly to an extended distance relationship with this person? however, what if this person is really your soulmate? Dating – Articles

You may be shocked at what proportion a relationship will grow if you’re employed at it. If you recognize and apply some easy rules, your relationship will prove to be one in all the foremost undefeated and happy relationships that ever existed.

Distance, combined with phone and writing, electronically or through snail-mail, will foster Associate in Nursing desirable intimacy which ends up from learning concerning another’s qualities, values, ways in which of thinking, sensitivities, dreams, and aspirations. this sort of intimacy will build your coming back along far more special.

As if relationships weren’t sophisticated enough, having them across an extended distance is very difficult. simply scan the subsequent rules and take a look at to stay in mind and apply:

  1. The quality of the link is a lot of doubtless to extend if each individual develops the ability to share feelings brazenly with one another. don’t feel afraid to inform your partner what you actually would like and wish from him or her, he or she deserves to grasp the reality and decide whether or not they will provide it to you.
  2. build the link a high priority. Avoid canceling reunions or adjourning telephony.
  3. begin to stay up-to-date daily. If giant phone bills area unit a priority, send e-mail, letters, cards and even faxes. And once you do build contact, do not simply stick with love speak, however, keep one another hep on the everyday aspects of your lives. this fashion you every keep alert to however the opposite is thinking, feeling and developing. Late-night talks and thoughtful letters will convey plenty of what’s most vital within the long-term: your goals, values, and dreams.
  4. Be ready to be versatile. Tell your partner of what proportion you think that concerning and love him or she can score high points, creating them miss you a lot of with the constant urge to envision you. however do not be possessive. Being paranoid and inculpatory can solely grow doubts, insecurity and tension between you and none of these can facilitate the link develope with success.

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If your partner actually desires to be with you, then they might not wish to attend forever to own you next to her or him. As long as you each trust one another, inform each other of your personal lives, confine bit, your relationship will prove into a cheerful traditional relationship

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