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Scam Advertising Strategy, It appears in an attempt by anastasiadate to continue the scam-related ways they are actually advertising their affiliate site AmoLatina on free dating sites and other sites so as to fuel this affiliate scam site of theirs by driving traffic towards it. There are several problems with this scam advertising strategy, however:

1. First and foremost why would someone want to leave a free dating site where the correspondence is free and go on a paid site which is not free and can be also expensive because of the technical facility set up on the site? This does not make sense!

2. There have been numerous legitimate complaints about AmoLatina as well as similar complaints about Anastasiadate as well. Some of these legitimate complaints include: Scam Advertising Strategy

A.. Letters being removed without one’s permission

B. Unable to Send Contact Information (compared to a free site)

C. Interest of the site is only about getting the most money out of your wallet

D. Customer Service Failure at times to take care of problems that have been written to them

3. There is verification that there is scam-related activity going on with the site. Two reviewers on sitejabber confirm this:

A. James h. wrote on site jabber – Scam Advertising Strategy

Gentlemen this is how the scam at Amolatina works. The agency recruits women to post a profile, then the agency will send out letters to men pretending to be the lady. They will even call the lady up and have her turn on her webcam so you will believe you are talking to her.

The ladies are getting a split of the money the agency is making off of the men. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself. If the lady is unavailable to turn on her webcam the agency will turn on the webcam but it will be a blank screen, and when you ask about the blank screen the “lady” pretends not to know what is going on.

It is very easy to know when you are talking to a real lady or one of the fakes. Ask a lot of questions when you are talking to them and write down the responses and I promise you the responses will not match the next time you talk to the “lady”.

Like any con man, the men that work at the agency are lazy and will slip up with wrong answers. Good luck with your search for a bride, you will not be able to find one on this site. I have written several
letters to the Amolatina customer service and they are in on the scam as well.

They will just keep writing you letters pretending they will take care of the problems, but they never do anything about it.

Tony B. also wrote on Sitejabber – Scam Advertising Strategy

Gentlemen; For the last 15 years I have worked for Anastasia-Amolatina leading their tours, … all over the world. Here is the cold hard truth. DON’T TRUST PAID COMMUNICATION WITH ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. IT’S-A TOTAL SCAM!

Most the time it’s just a pretty picture with a company employee writing the letters, and the letters are designed to keep you writing letters. They do NOT want you to meet these girls. Be smart, don’t fall for it.

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This site is a scam and a shame and a disgrace just like everything related with Anastasiadate many times is. Only the sensible see this site for the shameful scam that it really and truly is. Be Smart and Don’t Fall For This Sickening Scam!

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