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I always was Wondering 4 Years ago I was Some Customer Questions & Answers utilizing AmoLatina agency Services a lot in 2010. first found out about them back in 2004 but never really well you know Joined because I thought I was too young at the time. I must say I’m 30 – Years of age and I’m getting tired of being lonely its seems like the fellow Women. Here in The United States are getting to be in my opinion not interested in Nice men.

Who have really something worthwhile to offer and (I do not mean money either!!) or sex either. But a genuine good Man with a loving good heart even. The Latinas here in the USA if they are over here they tend to stick with there own kind!

So with that I have Subjected myself to the internet dating and I’m very much. Interested in a real loving relationship with a Latina from Latin America I’m not a bad looking guy. Its just I do not get a lot of Women on me like Actor George Clooney but anyways. Using Amolatina agency Correspondence I have to admit I’m very skeptical about being on. There again because I’m afraid the Women might chat with you and sen

messages back and forth that after. A while they’ll back and say oh thank you for your interest but I have already found someone?!! are Serious there is this new Claudia Patricia she seems legit. She Manizales and they want to do call me Service to exchange information should I do. It because I’m feeling like they’re just trying to get me to spend more money somebody help me?!


AmoLatina is a Fraud and I can confirm it´s not a dating site!! It´s an embezzlement site cos’ You try to date somebody and never get a true response of the ladies!! When They Call You, They notice that the phrases are always repetitive!!! I can prove You that a dating site is a total scam and that models can be prostitutes. Or agents from this dating site!!! Observe the profile with ID: 1184932.

She Calls herself: Laura Melisa!!! But if You search on google for Laura Paladines Naked. You can see the photos of a Naked Model the posed on Colombian Playboy Magazine!!!

She is the same person as Laura Melisa is!!! I have no doubt that Laura Melisa and Laura Paladines is the same person!!! Check it yourselves!!! Friends, Guys, It´s an Advice for You!!! Get out of AmoLatina, Anastasia date, Arabian date, and Asia date cos’ You will be scammed!!! Search others safety dating sites that don´t charge by credit but by tuition!!!

This next photo is from AmoLatina: This photo is from Colombian Playboy Magazine. That proves She is a Model and not a cosmetologist as She said in AmoLatina Dating site: Forget it and You can save You Money and your own life!!

Some Customer Questions & Answers for Website

Question: Some Customer Questions & Answers

Is this dating site a scam?


It is a fraud, pure and simple, I managed to get a hold of some ladies through social media and they were totally different than the pictures, in addition after severing communication with them, they continued to contact me through the site, which means someone else was chatting for them

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Question: Some Customer Questions & Answers

Why do every woman’s pictures look like glamour/ model shots? Are these real girls?


They are much older than the picture they present, it’s all irrelevant because the women don’t exist, its just pictures being manned by someone behind a computer you are giving money to. The model-like woman are trying to lure you into thinking you have a chance with them, in fact, you have no chance because it’s an elaborate scam, read the reviews

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